Treatment Approach

I, Lee Spencer, M.D., am a board-certified addiction and general psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of addictions (chemical plus behavioral) as well as all forms of mental illness. I treat adolescents older than age 16 and adults. I provide comprehensive and personalized care for all of my patients; this includes medication management and psychotherapy. I prefer a comprehensive, bottom-up, holistic approach to treatment rather than just prescribing medication to treat a problem. Most mental illnesses are far too complex and varied to be treated solely with medication - though that is often a necessary part of the total treatment. 

I have a passion for and expertise in treating substance use disorders (alcohol use disorders, as well as opioid, stimulant, sedative, hallucinogen, and dissociative use disorders, as well as many others). Often, my patients have substance use issues as well as other mental illnesses or behavioral disorders that complicate their addictions and make recovery more difficult. I use an individualized approach - incorporating whatever treatment approach necessary to help someone improve. 

I am trained to provide expert care for people with mood disorders (major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder type I, and bipolar disorder type II) and anxiety disorders (panic, generalized anxiety, specific and situational phobia, and obsessive compulsive disorders). I am also trained in treatment of attention disorders (attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), demoralization and grief.