About Dr. Spencer

Dr. Lee Spencer, Lee Spencer MD, Dallas Psychiatrist, Board Certified in General and Addiction

Trained at Tulane, Johns Hopkins, and UTSW


I graduated from medical school at Tulane University School of medicine as part of the “Katrina class” of 2009. My first year of medical school in New Orleans was saddled with Hurricane Katrina and our class was forced to move to Houston for the year while Tulane rebuilt the flooded medical school and hospital. My life was forever changed by this experience and I grew more acutely and personally aware of the importance of medical treatment and mental illness treatment in my patients and in the community. Service to the city and its people became a priority, and it was an honor and joy to study medicine there in New Orleans at that time - there is no better teacher than our patients. 

In 2009 I completed medical internship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, an internship heavy on intensive care and time on the inpatient wards. I completed psychiatry residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where I had the privilege of serving as Administrative Resident during my 3rd year of residency and Chief Resident during my 4th and final year of residency. In 2013, after graduation from residency, I completed a 1-year fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 

From 2014-2016, I served as Medical Director for chemical dependency treatment at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, TX - where we developed a comprehensive treatment program for patients struggling with addiction and mental illness. 

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UTSW and Medical Director of the Addiction Intensive Outpatient Program. I continue to teach medical students, residents, and addiction psychiatry fellows there at UTSW and enjoy giving presentations and being part of discussions whenever the opportunity presents itself. 


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